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When planning a project to improve or renovate your home, you’ll need to carefully consider who you choose to carry out the work. As professional builders in Romford, we at MS Roofing & Carpentry know that reliability, cost, and quality are of utmost importance. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured your project is in safe hands. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a FREE quote!

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    What do builders in Romford do?

    Choosing us as your builders means that you have chosen one of the best builders in Romford to breathe new life into your property. With us as your builders in Romford, you are guaranteed home renovations that are second to none. We understand how stressful renovations can be, which is why our project management service is designed to make the whole experience stress-free.

    You can enjoy a full selection of services from reliable builders in Romford including…

    Garden Rooms

    Choose us as your Essex local builders to transform your outdoor space by adding a stylish and multi-functional garden room. Garden rooms are fantastic, space-saving solutions that are designed to give you a wealth of space from which to live, work, relax, learn, and play.


    Our extensions can seamlessly add space and value to your property. They can be used for a range of functions including home offices, playrooms, relaxing sanctuaries and much more. If you’re looking for builders in Romford for your house extension, we’re the answer.

    Loft Conversions

    London loft conversions are a great way of adding additional space to your property without extending its footprint. Whether you have a large family, need extra space for your hobbies or need a home office, a loft conversion makes the most out of the space your property already has.


    Our builders in Romford can assist with flat roofing, new roofs, roofing repairs, fascias, guttering and soffits and much more! We understand that roofing updates can be daunting; therefore we do everything we can to ensure that the work we complete is efficientand cost-effective.

    If you can’t see a service here that you need, our builders in Romford may still be able to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and receive a FREE quote!

    What are the benefits of calling builders in Romford?

    There are many benefits to calling builders in Romford, here are just some of them…


    Every single one of our builders in Romford is highly experienced, skilledand fully qualified. When you contact professional builders to complete house building work, you can trust that your property is in safe hands the whole time.


    As professional builders in Romford, we know how dangerous building work can be. We highly recommend against attempting building work yourself by contacting builders in Romford instead. We can keep you safe from risks and potential hazards.


    Builders in Romford have the right tools and equipment to complete any number of projects. We use some of the best tools and equipment in the industry which means that we complete jobs to the highest standards.


    Professional builders in Romford work with a range of high-quality building materials and tools. This means that you can rest assured that the results you receive will be of an incredibly high standard and will last for years to come.


    In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your building work, you can trust that builders in Romford are fully insured. This means that you and they are protected should a problem arise.

    How much do builders in Romford cost?

    The cost of builders in Romford will vary depending on the work you need. Get in touch with us for a FREE no-obligation quote based on your requirements.

    Is a builder responsible for planning permission?

    Depending on the type and scope of the project being undertaken, you may require planning permission. We recommend speaking to your local authority to see if you require planning permission. Please note, if required, planning permission must be in place before any work begins.

    Get your free quotation: 07710 439430

    MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

    Why choose us?

    MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

    70+ Years of Experience

    We have 70+ years of combined experience. This means that when you choose us as your builders in Romford, you are receiving professional, quality and reliable services.

    MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

    Free No-Obligation Quotes

    We offer free, no-obligation quotations on all our services so that we can discuss your requirements and provide you with recommendations that you can trust.

    MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

    Project Management Service

    We provide a complete project management service. This means that from quotation to completion, you can rest assured that we have taken care of everything.

    MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

    Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

    As specialist builders in Romford, we provide customer service that is second to none. We are committed to delivering results that will surpass your expectations.

    If you’re looking for professional and affordable builders in Romford, get in touch with us today for a FREE quote!

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