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What is an extension?

An extension is a great option to increase the space within your property as well as add value to your property. One of the most beneficial factors of any extension is that you can choose an extension that fits entirely with you and your property. Building an extension is not a one size fits all solution. Every extension that we install will have its own criteria, whether you are looking for a rear extension or a wrap-around extension, maybe you are interested in dormer extensions or double-storey extensions, they each come with their own basis and standard. We understand there are many options to consider when developing and expanding your property. MS Roofing & Carpentry are here to help you through the entire project from the get-go to the final touches.

Single Storey Extensions

One of the most common types of home extensions are single-storey extensions which are built onto one part of the home where one or more sides of the extension are attached to the property, single-storey extensions will require building control, although they may not require planning permission. Single storey extensions will only be ground level high and potentially, with a basement built to it also. Typically, single-storey extensions will be used to extend your property to add a dining room, a new bedroom, a child’s playroom or to extend your kitchen.

Two Storey Extensions

You might be looking at a two-storey extension, which is also known as a multi-storey extension, the extension will be built to any part of the existing building, typically many of our clients will extend at the rear of the property or the side of the property, adding extra space within the home to add extra bedrooms, bathrooms, utilities or dining space. As the complexity of the building and the disruption that might be caused, the impact on your neighbours will be more significant, this style of an extension will require planning permission.

MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

Wrap Around Home Extensions

Wrap around home extensions is created by combining both a rear and side extension to create an L shape extension attached to your property. If you are wanting to create a spacious and bright area, you may have considered an open-plan kitchen, dining, or lounge area meaning a wrap-around extension would be a perfect option for you. Installing a wrap-around extension will add a considerable amount to the value of your property when you come to sell.

If you are looking for an extension that is installed over the top of an existing structure such as a garage or kitchen. Typically, homes that have been built within the last 40 years or so have a single storey side garage which opens up great opportunities to add an additional extension on top of it to add extra space to your property. Although building an over extension will look extremely appealing, it may not be entirely simple, if the current structure is single-skin brickwork then it may not be sufficient to build over.

What to consider before any extensions?

Completing any extension work, you will come to realise that it is a huge home improvement project and this is why it is crucial that you ensure that you check for all types of permissions you might be required before any work begins. Whether your building work requires planning permission or not, it is pivotal that all renovations projects comply with building regulations. If requirements are not met, you might be left with the chances of your extension being required to be taken down and will have issues when you wish to sell your property. Another important factor to ensure is completed before the extension work begins is contacting your home and contents insurance provider, this is due to the build which will likely increase your house if during the project you have not made your insurer aware and issues arise, your policy might be void.

MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

Designing your extension

When it comes to designing your extension you may wish to involve a professional architect, although there is no law requiring you to hire an architect, many people find it a lot easier to have a professional draw up your designs, especially if you are completing a large renovation project. Having a designated architect to draw up the designs for the extension can leave you with a much better end result, typically, it will save you time and money in the long run.

Choosing a builder suited for you

One of the most important factors when completing a home extension is finding a builder that you can trust and rely on. It is equally important for the builder to work with passion and a keen eye for detail, which is something you can guarantee with MS Roofing & Carpentry.

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