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Inspecting your roof

There are many areas that are suggested when inspecting your roof. The exterior of your roof is one of the most important parts to regularly inspect, especially after a bad spell of weather. There are typically two types of materials that roofs are made from, metal and tiles. It is important to check tiled roofs for cracks and weather damage, whereas metal roofing can become loose, both styles of roofing if damaged can allow water to seep into the interior of the roof and cause costly damage to the roof structure.

One of the most common issues that arise if you have a flat roof is ponding or prolonged standing water puddles, these can both lead to premature ageing of the roof and can cause the roof to sag and split over time.

If your property has timber aspects that are exposed to the elements, these can become prone to rotting and mould which in time can cause irreversible damage to your roof.

It is equally important to inspect the interior of your roof, especially regularly inspecting the timber beams. If you notice cracks or areas of mould this is an indication that the beams are damaged and may require them to be replaced or maintained. It is crucial that you do not paint over the damaged areas as this can make the damager worse over time, in fact, it is essential to speak to a roofing expert so that they can analyse the damage and complete the best course of action. It is equally important to ensure that the waterproofing inside the roof is covering the open areas entirely so that there is no noticeable damage to the waterproofing. Any leaks that may go undetected can then damage further into the interior of the roof which will make them weak and undependable.

You may also find that you are noticing damp areas within the interior of your property, most commonly on your ceilings, this means that your property already has significant damage to the roof both externally and internally. Typically you will notice a variety of signs within your home from water stains to cracks or bubbles, this is a clear indication that you have water accumulating inside the roof. No matter the size of the crack you might be faced with big problems that will lead to a wide variety of issues.

What does a roofing contractor do?

A roofing contractor has a variety of jobs to complete during any project, from repairs to full replacement of roofs on residential properties. We have the skills and knowledge to work all year-round to ensure that each of our customers’ projects is completed no matter the size of the job.

With a high level of knowledge within the construction industry in both carpentry and roofing, MS Roofing & Carpentry have the ability and skills to get projects completed safely and securely. Typically, MS Roofing & Carpentry will be hired to repair damages to roofs that are caused by bad weather, water leaks, home disasters such as fire and much more. We will begin by inspecting the roof and determining the extent of the damage that has been caused. We will then calculate the cost of the repair or replacement of the damaged area and provide our customers with an accurate quotation. If your roof is damaged beyond repair, we have the skills knowledge and ability to install an entirely new roof.

What roofing services are available?

MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

Flat Roof

There is a wide range of flat roofing options for our customers to choose from and this is why we ensure that we provide you with an ideal solution. Each flat roof is laid using nothing but the highest quality modern materials to ensure that your flat roof will not split, leak, tear or crack and ensures that your roof stays watertight.

Asbestos Work

Over the years asbestos was regularly used within the roof of many homes, this is due to its fantastic thermal qualities and fire-retardant properties. Over time the roof will age and deteriorate, this is why it is crucial to hire professionals to remove the asbestos roofing, here at MS Roofing & Carpentry we have the skills and knowledge to remove the asbestos roof safely and securely.

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are typically neglected when completing any roofing maintenance or inspection works. Throughout the year your chimney is faced with a wide range of weather conditions from sun to rain to snow and wind, the chimney takes full force. Over time your chimney may become damaged which will need to be repaired to avoid costly further damage.

New Roof

It is important to install a new roof if your current roof is becoming old and damaged. It is important that if your property begins to let water in, over time your property will become damaged. Having a new roof installed is a way to minimise regular repairs to your roof and this is something that you can style entirely to your homes’ aesthetic, you may have an entirely modern property, or a completely traditional one, this is why we install new roofs to meet each of your requirements.

Slate & Tile Roofing

We are highly reputable in installing both slate and tile roofing, we come highly recommended in using both natural and ridged slates. Slate roofing is one of the most original styles of roofing materials which can leave your property with either a modern or traditional look. Having a newly tiled roof can help save money on your energy bills by insulating your roof. MS Roofing & Carpentry are able to remove and replace both slate and tile roofs.

MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders
MS Roofing & Carpentry | Builders

Emergency Repairs & Roofing Repairs

MS Roofing & Carpentry have the skills to find the source of the leaks in any type of emergency. We can provide quick and simple service to ensure we find a solution and a repair or replacement of any broken or slipped tile as well as being able to detect and fix leaks on all types of flat roofing.

Fascias, Guttering & Soffits

There is a variety of advantages of having uPVC fascias, guttering and soffits installed. They are incredibly durable but they can also withstand all weather conditions. One of the leading benefits of having a uPVC option means that they will not rot like traditional fascias, guttering and soffits. Fascias are there to protect your roof as well as support your roof tiles and the soffits are there to protect and seat the rafter feet. Both of these elements are there to prevent leaks in your home.

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